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Stover Fuel oil offers quality cooling products at a competetive price.

Rheem Cooling ProductsJust need a tune up Stovers fuel oil does that as well with our 10 point preseason A/C check up ( includes filter change and up to 1lb of refrigerant, additional rifrigerant billed @ normal rate).

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Classic® Series 14.5 SEER Condensing Unit Featuring R-410A Refrigerant


The RAPM model features Earth-friendly R-410A refrigerant.


Rheem air conditioning units are constructed with a powder-coat paint finish and galvanized steel cabinet to protect the condensing coil fins from yard hazards, extreme weather, and corrosion.


The entire Rheem air conditioning line uses a sturdy, one-piece drawn and painted base pan. This pan elevates the coil off the pad, helping minimize corrosion while reducing sound and vibration.


Rheem installs high and low pressure controls on high-efficiency models (options on standard-efficiency models) to protect the scroll compressor from pressure extremes.


Rheem air conditioning units use an innovative wraparound outdoor coil constructed of copper tubing and aluminum fins. This design allows improved airflow transfer and helps reduce energy consumption.


Servicing your Rheem air conditioning unit is easy thanks to the single “easy access” panel. A service technician can easily remove this panel for access to the compressor and control box.


1. Durable Cabinet. Our galvanized steel cabinet protects your Rheem unit from the elements, helping reduce maintenance expense.

2. Serviceability. Service time and expense are kept to an absolute minimum. The removal of one panel provides your technician easy access to all internal components.

3. Low Corrosion. Low Sound. A special base pan elevates the unit off the pad and away from corrosive condensation.More quiet performance and lower vibration levels also result.

4. Fan-tastic. Our motor mount prevents damage to your fan motor, extending its service life.

5. Wrap-Around Coil. High-quality copper tubing and corrosion-resistant aluminum fins provide better airflow,improved efficiency, and lower operating costs.

6. Compressor Protection. If your refrigerant level is ever too high or low, on-board safeguards protect your compressor from damage.

7. Heart & Scroll. The heart of your condensing unit is the compressor. That’s why every Rheem unit features a Scroll®Compressor – widely recognized as the industry leader for performance and durability.




From the inside out, Armstrong Air™ air conditioners and heat pumps are designed for dependability, quiet operation and up-to-date style. energy Star ® qualified and using environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, these units meet stringent energy-efficiency guidelines. You gain a distinct comfort advantage, knowing every unit is built for years of worry-free performance.

Designed with quality and style.

You can count on Armstrong Air 414LE air conditioners and heat pumps for years of dependable comfort. Our top-of-the-line compressors are engineered for maximum durability, while a built-in filter dryer helps protect the system from possible indoor contaminants. Matched indoor components include Microban®-protected drain pans which inhibit the growth of odor-causing mold, mildew and bacteria and improve indoor air quality. The platinum gray cabinet, with horizontal louvers and appliance-like seams and contours, provides an attractive appearance designed to complement every home.

Higher efficiency means lower utility costs.

Compared with older, less-efficient equipment, these air conditioners and heat pumps can help reduce your energy costs.† And with an efficiency rating of up to 15 SEER,* these units help lower your monthly utility bills.

Creating comfort you can feel, not hear.

Our air conditioners and heat pumps are designed to provide maximum comfort while keeping noise at a minimum. A heavy-duty insulation blanket surrounding the compressor and the wire-fan discharge keep fan noise to a minimum and direct air away from your home and landscaping. Heat pumps use QuietShift™ technology to control noise when the unit is in the typically noisy defrost cycle.


– High efficiency scroll compressor

– R410a refrigerant

– Grommet mounted compressor for quiet operation

– Internally protected against high temperature motor overload conditions

– Heavy duty compressor sound blanket for quiet operation


– Full metal louvered jacket coil guard protection

– Controls located in corner post for easy installation and service

– Rounded corners for safety and attractive, clean appearance

– Baked polyester paint finish over galvanized steel for maximum durability

– PVC coated wire fan discharge grille

– External gauge ports for easy service


– Enhanced aluminum fins and copper tubing for high efficiency and capacity

– Raised coil prevents debris from collecting in bottom of coil and causing loss of airflow


– Full metal jacket panels remove with just two screws per panel for easy coil cleaning and service

– Filter drier installed for system protection

– Service valves positioned for quick installation and easy service

– Charged for 15 ft. of line set

– Trade available components


– Designed for ambients up to 125o F


– Low ambient control

– Thermal expansion valve kits


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